Bald neues am Platzhaus ( Info-Tafel ), diesmal in englisch

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From the Association of Local Residents “Leute am Teute e.V.”

Dear visitor of the Teutoburger Platz,
This oasis in the centre of the city is taken care of by the District Office in cooperation with the residents of the area. The lion’s share of the effort is unpaid voluntary work.
The members of the association “Leute am Teute”, who autonomously manage the former “Milchverteilhäuschen”, the small building to the North of the square originally built for the dispatch of milk in the area, are united by the desire to give something to their neighbourhood in order to care for the community’s social and environmental development. To achieve this, they cooperate with the neighbourhood centre “Nachbarschaftszentrum Fehrbelliner Strasse”.
Sharing the care of this green island and its inhabitants in Berlin Mitte means to set something against the commercialisation of public space. In this way, we continue an over 20-year-old tradition that reaches back into the GDR citizen’s movement of appropriating and subsequent conversion of standardised spaces of encounter (the square used to be nothing but asphalt). With this cooperation close to home and close to nature, we also wish to counteract growing degrees of individual isolation, anonymity and displacement.
With these aims in mind, we would like to ask you for your help: support us in our effort to make sure that the square, which is being used more and more intensively, can continue to be a home to all of us.
To achieve this, please always take your rubbish with you, protect the plants and please do not use them as toilets.
If you want to know more, if you have suggestions or ideas or would like to help, just get in touch. For further information on events and other things, check out our website at!