Blauer Apfel zeigt New-York-Dokus im Platzhaus

An diesen Freitag den 7. Juni sehen wir in unserer Reihe Autorenkino „On the Margins of New York“. Drei kurze Dokumentarfilme über New York’s merkwürdige Helden,Träumer und verlorene Seelen,kuratiert und in Anwesenheit von Amir Husak,Filmemacher und Dozent der New School University,New York.

Wir sind wieder am Freitag den 07.06.2013 ab 19 Uhr vor Ort,bereiten das Essen vor (wenn das Wetter es zulässt werden wir auch Grillen) und die Filme beginnen gegen 21 Uhr.

Alle Filme laufen in der englischen Originalfassung (ohne Untertitel). Die anschließende Diskussion mit Amir Husak kann in Englisch und Deutsch geführt werden.

On the Margins of New York:Three short documentaries about New York’s unlikely heroes,dreamers,and lost souls curated by Amir Husak,filmmaker and lecturer (The New School University,New York).


El Aguila Negra (The Black Eagle)
by Oscar Frasser
Duration:20 min.
Armando,aka El Aguila Negra (“The Black Eagle”),plays love songs for tips on subways and sidewalks and in restaurants,beauty salons,and funeral homes of New York City. Despite hardships,he pursues his dream of becoming a famous mariachi singer and securing a better future for himself and his family in Mexico.

About the director:
Oscar Frasser,born in Bogotá,Colombia,is a professional photographer with a focus on Latin American social issues.

by Anders Birch
Duration:20 min.
Most New York City subway riders are familiar with groups like Angel’s who perform energetic breakdancing routines on the train. But few know who these dancers are. This is the intimate story of an older brother who helps his friends survive the rough streets of The Bronx and his pursuit of breaking the social pattern of his family.

About the director:
Anders Birch is a Danish award-winning freelance photojournalist &documentary filmmaker.

Terminal Bar
by Stefan Nadelman
Duration:22 min.
A fascinating pictorial history of a New York City bar whose customers,from the hard-drinking working class Irish to the coiffed African American gay male,continually transform its focus during its 10-year reign. Hint:This is the bar featured in Scorsese’s 1976 classic Taxi Driver.

About the director:
Stefan Nadelman is an award winning director and animator based in New York.

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